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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

We have been providing office cleaning services for 25+ years and have never had an unsatisfied client.


End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease

We all know moving house can be a nightmare to organise.  Once you've moved all your belongings the last thing you want to do is clean.  So let us do it for you.  We'll make sure you landlord will return your rental bond.



House Cleaning

With a family and career to keep you busy its no wonder you don't have time to clean the house.

Don't stress, leave it up to us and spend more time relaxing with the family.



We had a massive party in our rental property and did some serious damage. We called RC Cleaners as we needed a quick and professional clean up before our property inspection the following week. The landlord never knew a thing, fantastic service!!
Charles - University Student

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Professional, Local Cleaning Services

Everyone enjoyslocal cleaning services a clean house and home. It is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also brings a relaxing feel that makes you think and move more clearly. Too much clutter, according to studies, can affect a person’s ability to focus and process information. It is thus important to keep your surroundings organized for both health and psychological reasons. If you need help cleaning your home or office, our company offers professional cleaning services that guarantee customer satisfaction. Our team consists of hardworking and highly trained personnel whose passion is to turn dirt into decorum.

Services We Offer

Our company offers a broad range of cleaning services tailored to your needs. If you simply want more hands to clean your home for a special event or you want someone to maintain its cleanliness everyday, we are here for you. We take pride in using environmentally safe products and advanced equipment to be able to deliver efficient work. The following are the services we offer.

Home Cleaning

Got no time to clean up your home? We've got that covered. Your home is supposed to be a relaxing place to dwell. It should be safe and healthy for everyone. We offer regular cleaning services if you are too busy to do the chore yourself, we would love to do it for you. Expect us to clean it just the way you wanted. Regular cleaning can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can work on homes of any size and clean it according to your specifications. We are also amenable to one-time cleaning. This is commonly asked during gatherings at home, moving in or out, spring cleaning, or emergency situations.

Office Cleaning

Our team understands that a working environment has specialized cleaning requirement. We can provide professional cleaning for businesses, big or small. We offer high quality, flexible and consistent service. Whichever industry type, from retail to hospitality, our expert cleaners can meet your needs. We uphold the highest standards to ensure complete cleaning at competitive rates. We are your partner in keeping your premises organized and conducive to working. You may book us for regular services or special events.

Bond Cleaning

Do you need to move? We understand how stressful and tiring it is. You don’t have to spend so much time and effort cleaning your place just to make sure that to get your bond money to the landlord. Take away this burden by availing expert bond cleaning services from our team. This is the best way not only to get your money back but also to achieve a good rental reference from your landlord. We have an amazing track record of satisfied customers who were able to get back their bond fee.

Carpet Cleaning

Do you need help cleaning your carpet? Our company offers professional carpet cleaning for homes and offices. If you want one-time cleaning to get rid of all the dirt and allergens, you may call us. We can also remove stubborn stains. We are equipped with the latest product and equipment for an effective carpet cleaning.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can brighten up any property. It is not just pleasing to look at; it can also improve its efficiency. Commercial premises require specialized level of window cleaning to avoid damage. Our company is here to protect your investment by regularly cleaning windows and avoid degradation. We are also here to keep your property healthy since thorough cleaning can prevent formation of contaminants.

Why Choose Us?

We are yourcarpet cleaning supplies and chemicals top choice of cleaning services. Whether you need our expertise at home or your business, you can benefit from the quality of work we offer.

As you entrust your home or office to us, you can be sure that a trustworthy team will handle the cleaning. We have honest workers who will respect your property and belongings. They work professionally. Our cleaners will arrive on time and proceed with the cleaning, paying careful attention to every detail, and treating it with courtesy. Expect them to not use your things or drink, eat and smoke in your home or tamper your belongings.

Our team follows strict cleaning standards. We don’t just clean, but we do it accordingly, and with the best products and equipment. If you entrust cleaning to us, you can benefit from professional level of work that leaves your home or office looking and smelling fresh. Enjoy dirt and clutter-free dwelling that will make you more productive. Expect to be served by highly trained and experienced staff. They will arrive armed with the tools necessary to complete the job in the most efficient manner.
We offer services that are tailored to your needs. Not all properties have the same cleaning requirement. With this in mind, we can discuss your specifications and see what we can do. We can clean as little or as much as you want. We are here to make things easier for you, and not the other way around. As a full service cleaning company, you do not have to look for separate cleaners to take care of your carpet or windows. We can offer to clean those for you, saving you time and money.

Benefits of Using Professional Service

There are numerous advantages to hiring professional cleaners versus doing cleaning yourself or having an in house chore rotation. Regular cleaning is the first step towards a healthy home, but work and other obligations could make it difficult for some to make time for thorough cleaning. By using housekeeping services, you no longer have to worry so much about cleaning for there are experts who can do it for you. You can clearly instruct them to focus on areas you want to be treated extensively. By hiring cleaners, you can focus on other important things but still enjoy a clean home.

Another advantage of hiring cleaners is that you can take advantage of special equipment that may render a more effective work. Even if you religiously clean your home, there are instances when you just get rid of stubborn dirt and stains. Companies rely on special products and tools to make their work easier, and to provide high level of service to customers. When you hire them, you can benefit from it as well. This is why many homeowners call us to remove stains from their rugs and carpet. This is also why business owners call to us for help in cleaning their glass windows.

Professional cleaning offers the most efficient cleaning process. It is because cleaning is done according to effective methods. Workers are trained to the proper use of cleaning products as well. You can be sure that the right cleaner is used to remove stubborn dirt on your floor or sink. Products that are safe to pets and humans are also used. If you do not know how to get rid of some stains, professional cleaners will offer their knowledge to help you with it.

Preparing your Home for Professional Cleaning

Before the cleaners arrive in your home, it is wise to prepare especially if it’s the first visit. Once they arrive, you can begin by confirming and clarifying things. This prevents problems after the service, so proper understanding is important. If they have questions, it’s best to leave nothing unanswered and you both agree to a job even before it takes place. This is also the best time to discuss special cleaning requests, if there are any. Provide specific instructions for alarms, door codes, keys and pets.

Professional cleaners will be there to clean, and not necessarily to pick up every clutter and organise paperwork, dishes, toys and other stuff, unless specified in the contract. If you can, you may pick up your clutter so they wouldn’t have to guess where those should be brought back. This helps them get down to work fast.

Another important thing to keep in mind before a regular cleaning service is to keep items you don’t want to be damaged. Needless to say, you should put away precious items you don’t want to lose during cleaning. Successful cleaning depends on proper communication and understanding.

Hire Professional Cleaners for your Business

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Whether you own a small or big business, it pays to have professional cleaners do the cleaning. With us, you can guarantee cleaner facility. We specialise in cleaning and sanitising, and that’s what we do best using the best tools and products in the industry. We know how to handle special tasks and the right cleaner to use. We can focus on making your workplace safe and clean.

Our team knows the importance of having an organised and pleasant working environment on a person’s ability to process information. This is why we are committed in delivering efficient service that our clients enjoy. Our goal is to make your property neat, healthy and clutter-free. You can count on us for deep cleaning, which is essential for food and healthcare industries. With us, you can create a positive image for both your customers and business partners. They could feel confident because highly organised surroundings may speak volumes about your values. Overall, this is essential to your business success.